You’re Not Creative Enough and You Need Help

Creating a ConceptCreative communication is a strange concept because once you sit down and actually think about it, it’s both a limited and limitless resource.

The World Will Never Shut Up

Communication is one of the easiest and most essential aspects of everyday life. As humans, we need to talk and express ourselves through any means we can, or else we’ll explode. We’ve even invented new ways of talking and sharing ideas through the internet and social media.

The success of most endeavours in the world depends on effective communication, but they all start with creative communication. Advertisers call this ‘the hook’; a line, phrase, or concept that grabs the audience where they can’t help but keep listening, watching, or reading.

“SEX!” Now You’re Hooked

Advertising and marketing agencies often talk about creative communication as a way to convince their clients that they can deliver a hook for their business. In fact, there are full service communications agencies that dedicate themselves to creating that hook for other companies.

The good news is that any creative piece only needs to be effective for less than a second. Once the hook grabs an observer’s attention, its job is done. The next part depends on the substance of the message itself. An excellent example of this would be Subway’s classic ‘SEX!! Now that we have your attention. Eat at Subway’ billboard. This, however, leads us to the problem with creative content – no sharing.

“SEX!” Why Isn’t It Working?

CoupleThe difficult part of creating hooks like this is that ideas are one and done. Once Subway put this gem up, everyone is automatically banned from using it with any real effect. Sure, anyone can put the word ‘SEX!’ in front of things, but they would forever be seen as imitating Subway’s legacy, and this will do more harm than good for the reputation of a business.

Companies would need considerable levels of energy and time for a flash of that lightning in a bottle. The task is just too much to ask of any business owner to dedicate their resources to, especially if they’re just starting out. This leads us back to the proliferation of full service creative agencies.

The Supply That Creates Its Own Demand

Like it or not, every modern business needs a creative partner, simply because they can put all their energy into essential areas of the industry that the company itself can’t. The entire creative industry is based on the fastest cycle of supply and demand in the world.

To sum it all up, this is how the creative communication world works. Businesses need creative marketing ideas, creative agencies rise to meet the demand, ideas terminate with each pitch – resulting in extremely low supply, businesses need creative marketing ideas.

Business owners will find their companies in this cycle as soon as they decide to sell themselves. The best they can do is ensure that they choose a partner that can maximise their ROI with each pitch. So check your local listings, you might find that the perfect partner is just around the corner.