Your Website is Rank(ed): What Google Loves About Top Websites

Mobile ResponsiveGoogle is the common denominator among all the highest-ranking websites in the world. With the exception of the most recognizable brands, such as Coca-Cola and Apple, everyone has to play by Google’s rules and do what Google likes. In the online game of ranking, it’s Google’s way or the cyber highway. To be fair, the search company’s latest tweaks and updates seem to be addressing deeper challenges, when it comes to website ranking.

We at Parxavenue are dedicated to helping our clients have a website that ranks – and ranks well. As such, we employ a total approach to creating online portals. If an aspect, no matter how small, will help us garner more visibility for your business or brand, then you can be sure that it will be a part of our general plan.

Speaking of details, the minutest parts of a website make a world of difference, when taken together. Things like title tags, search-friendly () image tags, natural links, preventing use of Flash-based features – and many more – may not seem like much, to the untrained eye. But in our experience, these are parts of a website that make it more rank- friendly.

Mobile Responsive

More than anything, especially in today’s highly mobile technological landscape, your website has to accommodate smartphone users. It is critical for you to establish your presence in your locale/industry. The sheer amount of devices that one person uses is hard to ignore. What’s more, people aren’t just using these devices for their phone features – they are using these to access websites, as well. Makes more sense, after all, than switching to their laptops. Bottom line: if you want your website to rank up there with the big shots, then it has to be accessible to users on their mobile devices.

Quality ContentQuality Content

Google’s Panda update confirmed their preference for good articles. You can expect that the value of good content will only get more important, as time passes. Additionally, this is where keyword density is most evident. Google will punish anyone they deem to be over-aggressive with keyword placement. Flood your content with keywords, and Google rains down on you by pulling your site from the rankings. This is why you need well-written, properly pulled-together content rather than a mish-mash of keywords – this strategy really does not work anymore. Google’s smarter now, and your website needs to be, as well.


We are talking about backlinks and internal links, and Google scrutinizes these crucial aspects. It is the backbone of their business to ensure that no website that uses garbage backlinks gets quality ranking. It is because backlinks establish authority and if these are not genuine, the all-powerful search engine will know it. As for internal links, these should make navigation within the website easier to enhance the visitor experience.

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