Your Journey to Millions Starts Here

MoneyHave you ever wondered how Steve Jobs captivated the world? Why his seemingly never-ending charisma has most everyone sold?

Apparently, Apple’s founder never put his faith on product studies and statistics. It seems at an innate level, he simply knew what products would sell and rake in billions after billions.

Whether due to his hippie lifestyle or to his cool vibe, Jobs just had so much faith in what he was offering that almost everyone believed in him too. Even his closest competitors measured their products’ performance by how Apple products were doing.

The Reality of Being Steve

There has never been a trailblazer billionaire like Steve Jobs. Even his rival and fellow billionaire Bill Gates certainly agreed. Jobs just had style and taste that hooked the masses.

In an interview, the Microsoft founder offers an explanation on their differences saying, “Steve had a design mind-set. When I get to a hotel room, I don’t go, ‘Oh, if I had designed this car I would have done this and this.’ People like… Steve Jobs are always looking at stuff that way”.

Those are some insightful words from a man known to have such frugal tastes. Gates, long hailed as the richest of the richest with a net worth over USD75 billion lists but DVD’s, books and fast food burgers as his luxuries.

Apple’s products have been blasted as way too pricey. Yet, even with their prohibitive costs, last year alone, Apple raked in more profit than any other tech giant on the planet.

Filling a Need

There may be no better time to do business than now. The people behind Hat Media note that it’s easier to get connected to consumers today, thanks to social media and the internet. As such, there are better chances to network and thrive in business.

On the other hand, there is also more competition. Consulting with creative advertising agencies gives a better perspective on how to effectively use online tools to give businesses an edge. Truly, echoing what Jobs did with Apple, it’s not just about finding the right product, its’ also about selling it.