You can Safely Celebrate as Much as You Want

SingaporeFifty years ago, Singapore was but a small nation state trying its hand in governance; today, thanks to its careful approach to democracy, the Lion City is a world power of sorts. A city of cities, not only has it attracted financial wealth, its dedication to cleanliness is the envy of many other cities. Even in its celebration, Singapore stands out, as its approach to public cleanliness and safety becomes all the more apparent.

Rising Higher

One concrete example is the area of MEWPs or Mobile Elevating Work Platform.

MEWPs are a group of lifting contraptions, mostly hydraulic that allow people to work at high elevations. Examples of such machines include cherry pickers or boom lifts, scissor lifts and spider lifts. These giants, which according to are also known as aerial lifts, are most common in construction and maintenance work. But, their lifting ability also makes them a favourite machine for electrical repairs, decorations, and fire rescue operations.

Currently, there are MEWPs all over Singapore, as the city celebrates its 50th anniversary of becoming an independent city-state. Every concerned department and ministry is making every effort to impress in ensuring that all the festivities run safely according to plan.


Err on the Safe Side

In order to facilitate safety, Singapore requires that each operator who utilizes a MEWP has acquired proper training.

The Ministry of Manpower, the branch of government regulating workers, has issued a circular making sure that these big machines only operate under the safest of conditions. It may be a trivial matter for some but it clearly shows that in Singapore people’s safety is never something to trifle with.

The reason Singapore has been able to last with its independence and power for this long is their strict compliance with procedure and ensuring the benefit of its people. It isn’t difficult to imagine the country celebrating another milestone in the next fifty years if they continue on their current course.