Writing Your Will: 4 Things You Shouldn’t Forget to Include

Person writing a willAs you grow older, you have to make more serious decisions like finding the best job, saving for the future, building a family, raising children and planning for when you pass on. And everyone will agree that the last one is the most difficult.

No one likes talking about their death, but it’s a time that will come for everyone. And you wouldn’t want to leave your loved ones figuring out what to do with your assets.

Writing your will isn’t an easy thing to do, explains Golden Leaves International. That’s why you shouldn’t forget to include these things when you write yours.

1. Your Powers of Attorney

During this time, the most important POA you should prepare is an enduring power of attorney. This is a good way of passing on decisions you want to make even when you’re not capable of making them anymore.

2. Instructions for Your Funeral

Family members may have their own suggestions on what should happen during your funeral. But wouldn’t it be nice if you can plan even that? It’s nice to know that you can still have a say in it by putting it in your will.

3. Any Odd Circumstances

There might be complications when it comes to your family or to the business you’ll be leaving behind. There might be people expecting to receive something but who you want to exclude from your will, for example. Stating this and the reason why it’s so will make it easier for your executor to do his job.

4. Contact Details of Your Financial Planner

This is crucial to anyone who’s writing a will. Your accountant or financial planner is the one whom your executor will have to get in touch with to confirm specific financial details.

Your assets, whom you assign as your executor, and your beneficiaries are obvious mainstays in a will. But even naming those could be difficult if you don’t want to cause any friction between family members.

Seek the assistance of a professional will writer to make sure yours won’t be too vague or confusing. And don’t forget to include these four items so your executor will know exactly what to do.