Working Abroad: Three Significant Factors to Deal with

Young ProfessionalsMany people nowadays brave new worlds to pursue better employment opportunities in foreign lands. They make the best use of their skills to succeed as mechanical design engineers, general managers, nurses, etc., in countries not their own.

Aside from their skills, however, successful migrant workers made it by preparing or adjusting well to three factors associated with working abroad.


Communication is essential not only in the workplace but also in everyday situations. It would serve would-be migrant workers well, then, to learn the language of the country they are moving to. They can take language courses in the beginning, and then continue the studies on their own. This should also help prepare them in case the country they are going to requires foreign migrant workers to pass a standardized language test.


Although already considered by many a non-issue, the climate is yet another factor would-be migrant workers have to cope with. They have to adjust to the new weather conditions, especially if they are completely different from the ones they are used to—say from a tropical climate to one with four seasons. Additionally, they need to be prepared for any health problems, such as colds and flu, related to the sudden, drastic changes in weather.


Compared to the first two factors, food seems nothing too serious. Just the same, would-be migrant workers need to prepare and adjust when it comes to what they are going to eat. If they are moving to big cities, good for them, as they will likely find many restaurants offering different cuisines, probably including those from their countries. If not, however, they may have to get accustomed to local foods or just regularly cook their meals.

Skills will only take migrant workers so far. Preparing and adjusting well to what is sometimes considered the least important of factors are also needed to make migrant worker success stories.