Why the Office Temperature Might Not Be Ideal

Remote controlled air conditionerStudies have shown that temperature has a huge impact on employee productivity. That’s why the search for the ideal temperature has been going on for years. Today, most Sydney offices maintain their ducted air conditioning units set from 21 to 23 degrees Celsius, as indoor climate regulations suggest. The problem though is that this temperature range is never really a sweet spot — especially for women.

AC Temperature Wars

In the office, men seem not to care about temperature, while women shiver and put on layers of coats. That’s because the office is following temperature regulation standards that were outdated. The ideal temperature of 21 to 23 Celsius is based on a formula developed in the 1960s that calculated the resting metabolic rate based on a 154-pound, 40-year old man. These standards were based on accommodating men’s comfort.

Today, the office isn’t the same as before: women are now very much part of the workforce. As it turns out, women have lower metabolic rates than men and tend to have more body fat. This is the reason they’re more vulnerable to cold than men. So, raising the temperature to a little over to 25 to 27 degrees might do the trick in providing them with a comfortable working environment.

Your ducted AC should be in excellent condition to suit everyone; otherwise, it may be everyone’s comfort for everyone, both men and women, at the office. Call experts who provide ducted air conditioning repair. Sydney specialists will ensure there are no hot or cold spots in your office, but rather, excellent airflow for your entire space.

From Internal to External Factors

It’s not just individual body chemistry that affects employees’ comfort though. People also have different ways of perceiving temperature based on external factors; for instance, humidity. When the air feels warm and wet, it makes people sweat and often result in heat exhaustion. Low humidity, on the other hand, would cause air that feels a little too colder than it is, so it becomes a problem as well. It’s best to keep a humidity level of 40% for year-round comfort.

Temperatures play a significant role in employee productivity. So, when setting the AC, consider their comfort — everybody’s comfort.