Why Choose Screen Printing For Your Merchandise and Products

Screen Printing in AucklandDespite the introduction of newer and faster ways to print on items, screen printing has served many a customer needing those designs. Screen printing is still alive and well, and it might still be the best option for your merchandise printing needs. Here are some practical reasons:

Designs Can Be Printed on Any Surface – Most modern digital printers in Auckland require thin and flat objects for proper printing. This highly limits the number of items that digital printers can print on. With screen printing, Signs n Stuff noted that designs are printed directly on objects, regardless of its shape or size. Surfaces won’t need to be flat so you can print on practically any item or product.

Designs Get Attention – The colours that are available for screen printing are mostly bright and eye-catching, which is ideal for making your merchandise and products more appealing to your buyers. Moreover, what you see on the sample print is the same colour of what you’ll see in the final output. This makes selecting the right colour combination a whole lot easier. There won’t be worries if the colour of your merchandise will affect the print since it will be opaque enough to cover the printed area.

Designs Last Long – The ink that’s used in screen printing is thick enough to make it durable and lasting. This is great when you are printing on items that need the design to stay to maximise their usefulness, as in the case of giveaways that have your company’s name and logo. The thickness of the print can also make designs more attractive due to its added texture.

Until there comes a time when digital printing matches what screen printing has to offer, screen printing is bound to stay. Screen printed designs are still aesthetically better and can be placed on more kinds of items. If you’re aiming to print a long-lasting, durable and appealing design on your products and merchandise, then you can’t go wrong with screen printing.