White Hat vs. Black Hat: Which Should You Ask For?

The problem with the whole white hat versus black hat debate is that clients usually SEO Optimizationdon’t understand how these things work. They only look for results — which is intrinsic to the problem of deciding between these two campaigns.

Which one should you choose for your company? Here are some things to consider:

1. Cost

What you have to understand about cost is that these campaigns could go on for a long time or could be short. Depending on your goals, John Lipe and other businesses offering growth marketing services noted that the best SEO company could give you a high quotation or a low one. What you need to do is have very good goals. Do you want more followers? More conversions? Brand reputation? All of the above? The cost can only be determined efficiently if you know your goals.

2. Efficiency

If you’re looking for something that works from the start, you could go with a black hat campaign. This sort of campaign takes advantage of the quickest ways to get your brand out there — but can bite you back in the future. Your campaign could be barely visible in the next few months. White hat campaigns aren’t as efficient at first, but you can be assured that your campaign is still valid even years in the future. Depending on your goals, you have to decide between the two.

3. Possible penalties

Google tries its best to squash black hat SEO. Why? They have their own rules. They don’t do it fast enough but they might eventually catch on to the campaign. If you chose a black hat campaign, you might have to take down your site or account in the future. This isn’t a sure thing, of course, but is highly likely.

Google (and other major search engines) is the one that decides what will happen to your rankings, so it’s up to you and your goals in the end.