When You Can Use Two Colors At Once

Building in Colorado SpringsThere are many elements that make up a building, and all of them need to mesh to make a property look good. One aspect that always gets a lot of attention is color. At this point, everyone is aware of color psychology and its effects. But, most people seem to think that it’s an exclusive choice.

Breaking the One-Color Barrier

There are architects that do business in Colorado Springs that tell of clients that want to use color in their homes, but can’t understand the need for mixing in more hues. The basic rules for color psychology are red for dining rooms, green for bedrooms, yellow for kitchens, so on and so forth.

There’s no rule, however, that says each room must be a specific color. There is some wiggle room for adding other shades in the room. But, just because people can do it doesn’t mean everybody can do it right. Fortunately, there are plenty of examples of people doing it right to serve as an inspiration for us all.

Boring Colors Are Your Best Friends

So, what do you need to know to play with color? The first requirement is an understanding of contrast.

If you’re planning to use exciting hues like red, yellow, or green, make sure they’re the first things people see. You can start by picking a secondary color to serve as the background. Whites and grays are the most popular choices for such purposes.

It’s easy to imagine how this would work: just spill something on white linen. There’s no way anyone’s going to miss that stain.

Make That Stain Represent Something

Eyes will get drawn to things that stick out on reflex. This is a useful human quirk to take advantage of, especially if you want to make a specific part of the room the center of attention.

A yellow refrigerator, green blankets, a red vase in the middle of the dining room table–these are great uses of color that do not require the entire area to be uniform. Doing this also spares visitors from color fatigue, making it even more appealing.

Color is a great tool to make a room ten levels better than when you found it – go out and use it.