When Is It Time to Hire a Private Eye?

Hiring a Private EyeHiring a private investigator may seem like something straight out of a noir film, but more often than not, they’re the only way to find out the truth for more sensitive cases. Whether it’s a matrimonial concern or you need to investigate corporate fraud and theft, what you need is a discerning eye with a knack for detective work.

But when is actually the right time to hire a private investigator, and what cases necessitate their services?

Delicate Investigations

Sometimes, your suspicions and your own investigative work is simply not enough. After all, how will you investigate a case when the person you’re investigating knows that you’re after them? One of the realms where professional investigative services are necessary is family concerns.

Resolve Investigations Ltd notes that matrimonial concerns are the most common cases, specifically when a spouse needs to locate their partner to know if they’re being unfaithful or not. Investigations also encompass child custody; specifically when the partner or the court itself requires additional proof that the other parent in question is actually capable of taking care of the child.

While you can technically perform your own investigations in these cases, private investigators are licensed by the state or local government to perform investigative work. Engaging in your own information digging may get you in trouble and even turn the case in favor of the other party.

Corporate Investigations

Although cheating spouses and custodies are arguably, the most common cases private investigators work on, businesses may also require their services for professional matters. In the corporate realm, privacy and discretion is extremely important as anyone who would do ‘freelance’ investigating would no doubt get into trouble and receive a case against them if they’re caught.

Private investigators are often the ones who handle background checks for new employees, as it is part of their speciality. In areas where civil investigations are involved, private investigators would typically gather evidence spanning a range of different cases, such as worker’s compensation, asset searches, and domestic surveillance to name a few.

Insurance investigations are another realm where their investigative services are needed since the records and information they need to gather are often extremely sensitive.

While it may be tempting to do your own investigative work, it’s better to hire an actual private investigator to do the work for you. Not only are they actually allowed to gather potentially sensitive information, their specialities encompass more than just simple domestic investigations.