What You Wear is What You are

School UniformYou might think they’re just clothes – mere body wear that won’t have a bearing on your spirit. More than anything, however, what you don could define how you view the world, one expert researcher insists. And to expound on her theory, the pundit wrote a book about it.

Indeed, employing a Superman shirt could be just the scheme you need to boost your confidence level. For kids, wearing school uniforms can teach greater pride and discipline amongst students.

Donning Superman’s Costumes

There’s greater use of fashion than just catching the eye of a stranger or the heart of a date, Professor Karen Pine of University of Hertfordshire supposes. With her findings, a whole pharmaceutical industry bent on putting in billions upon billions of dollars to improve anxiety-driven people with a pill may fare better getting their focus on developing a whole new line of smart wear (e.g., shirts, shorts).

In her seminal book Mind What You Wear, Prof. Pine details clothing can affect the mental processes and perceptions of a person. Wearing different clothes can therefore elicit different set of thoughts. In her bid to prove a point, she instructed students to wear Superman T-shirts.

What she found, surprised her. Not only did those who wore the Man of Iron’s shirt became more confident, they felt physically stronger than those who just wore plain garments.

A Greater Sense of Pride

The research throws a whole new light to what we may have been doing customarily for years. For instance, making school uniforms mandatory should boost the sense of pride an elementary grader has for his school. Bearing the school’s official insignia, uniformed colours create unity and sense of belonging – not to mention cut expenses.

Permapleat.com.au is happy to note that the Land Down Under is lucky to have school uniform manufacturers who time and again has produced time-tested, durable sets of uniform school wear.Corporations must also take into greater account their uniform wear knowing that an awesome wear is the deal maker to greatly enhance an employee’s spirit – and thereby his productivity.

The secret to a more productive society could be just in what we wear every day.