What You Should Know About Standard and Hidden Charges for Long-Distance Relocation

Professional movers unloading a truckMoving rates increase due to a higher demand for services, and even scheduling a long-haul move on a wrong day could result in higher rates. Winter is usually the cheapest time to move because of lower rates due to a lean demand.

Long-distance moving companies usually charge more during the peak season, such as summer. This is something you should avoid when planning a cross-country relocation.

Avoiding Hidden Charges

The flat rate of long-distance relocation costs $10,000 yet the actual price could be more or less depending on several factors. It’s likely that you would see lower rates for a mid-month schedule between October and April. Some companies may even offer a lower price for a mid-day schedule. Avoid weekends as well, since heavy traffic influences certain fees and expenses.

Perhaps the best way to avoid hidden charges requires you to do your research on a service provider. Ask around for referrals or simply request for a complete list of upfront and possible additional expenses.

Saving Money

While knowing the right time to schedule a move is ideal, there are some other ways to save money on a long-distance move. Most people don’t realize the need for large boxes until the time they want to move, so collecting containers and packaging supplies ahead of the actual day could save you money.

Some establishments, such as grocery stores, liquor shops, retail outlets, and restaurants offer free moving supplies. You could also ask from family and friends for any boxes that would otherwise end up in the garbage bin.

Proper timing and careful planning will be the most important keys to avoiding the high costs for your cross-country relocation. When choosing a service provider, it’s better to hire a full-service company instead of several contractors.