What You Should Know About Hiring a Land Surveyor

Land surveyor at workWhen looking for a potential land to buy, you have to consider many things. A professional land surveyor would tell you immediately that it’s not only the price you have to keep in mind. A reliable and well-experienced one will even enumerate what needs to be taken care of. After all, buying land is a huge commitment and responsibility.

Looking forward to hiring a land surveyor? Here are some things you need to check:

Are They Licensed and Certified?

Every professional land surveyor should be licensed and certified by the city, region, or country they’re working in. Hiring someone not licensed by the board is equivalent to throwing your money away, as they don’t know what truly needs to be considered when getting a land. It would be best to contact your area’s licensing board to be sure of the credentials your supposed land surveyor is presenting.

Are They Someone with Experience in That Land Surveying Field?

There are different land surveying fields, and each one depends on your needs:

  • Topographic Surveys
  • Geodetic Surveying
  • Construction Layout
  • Mapping
  • Boundary Surveys
  • Land Development

You have to hire someone who specialises in that certain type of land surveying, as hiring someone who does not know anything about your needs is a total waste of time.

Do They Provide a Written Contract?

The contract should enumerate the services you will be charged for. Ask when the payment will be due — they usually ask for half of the fee upfront, then the rest will be paid later on after the project. Ask them about the scope of the fee and get them to write a breakdown for you. You should also ask if they would be willing to accept payment through credit or debit cards.

Being clear and thorough with your land surveyor before jumping to the project is a must. Everyone must be on the same page so no one gets confused.