What You Need to Start to a Printing Business

Color swatches for printingWhen people think of a printing shop, they usually consider a shop that prints on paper, a copy centre or a place where you can have a large type of prints. There are more types of printing available, as well as different sizes of paper.

If you want to take advantage of the huge demand for printed products, you may consider buying a printing franchise business.

Equipment Requirements

Like any other business, there are things you need to have before you put up a business. On top of the capital investments, you would need to undergo training on proper use of the equipment, as well as the software to help you run the business. The following are the items you need for a printing shop:

  • Printing Equipment. Depending on what you want to print, this could include four-ink printers for regular printing. For high-quality photo printing, you need a six or even an 11-ink printer system. For printing on acetate, acrylic or tarpaulin, you need a wide-format printer. There are also printers for t-shirts. You should also practice using these pieces equipment before you open your business.
  • Cutters. Whether you are cutting paper for small business cards or a stencil design, you need different types of cutting equipment.
  • Scanners and design equipment. Your customers might have their own design on paper, which you need to scan and edit. Otherwise, you would have to design the image yourself.
  • Inventory. If you want to print on paper, you need to stock paper and other printing materials.
  • Computer. It should be powerful enough to create, edit and print small or large images.


Besides the graphics and printing software for the printers, you need an inventory tracking software, as well as an accounting system. Running a business nowadays involves the use of computers. An accounting software application is ideal for bookkeeping purposes and for creating the accounting reports.

The complexity of starting a small business can be cut to a minimum when you buy a franchise. The risks are also reduced because of the support provided by the franchise.