What Qualities Make HR Professionals Fit for the Job?

HR employees smiling and ready to workHuman resources (HR) officers are in charge of a company’s workforce. They handle employee relations, staff training and payroll and benefits. They serve as a bridge between employees and the management as well. Companies, therefore, need personnel that truly understand the company culture and goals.

The right skill sets and personalities, says Jennings Morton Friel Associates Ltd, are crucial when filling in the great roles of HR personnel.

Communication Skills

Excellent communication skills, according to the National Careers Service, are a required skill among HR personnel. This is because one of their primary jobs is to assist employees and give them advice. Also, they are usually the first person that potential clients and partners contact. As such, they should engage in a pleasant and professional manner at all times.

Time Management

Human resources deal with some repetitive tasks such as employee training and payroll preparation. The department, however, also deals with employee relations. They cannot always take a structured approach to the latter since employees have varying concerns and situations.

That said, HR professionals need time management skills to get the job done every day. Apart from their routine responsibilities, they may have to make time for incidents that arise, complaints and interviews within the day. They should know how to manage these tasks well without feeling overwhelmed.


HR professionals have various roles in the workplace. They also serve as the bridge between employees and the management, and between the company and stakeholders. Furthermore, they serve as a mediator between employees who disagree.

For this reason, they need to be impartial towards the workplace situations they encounter. They need to be objective when it comes to handling work incidents, employee issues and other concerns.


Finally, HR personnel should be trustworthy. Employees, management and potential partners alike open up to them about concerns and interests. They will encounter personal information on a daily basis; they need to protect and respect those with utmost confidentiality to ensure their credibility, and of the organisation.

Be on guard for these skill sets when hiring HR personnel. Individuals who possess them will be an asset to your company.