What Are The Advantages Of Capital Bonds To Me As A Consumer?

Businessmen discussing about investmentAMYMA can offer you a range of Capital Bonds, they come with advantages that make investment in them easier as well as convenient and potentially profitable with returns greater than those found on the high street. These include:

  • Wider choice of investments available to customers outside of what is normally offered under mainstream investments. The Alternative marketplace allows investment directly into companies at the cutting edge of technology as well as different types of investment potentially more relatable to the customer.
  • Fixed end or maturity date meaning that the Investment has a defined term.
  • Capital Bonds normally have some kind of protection for investors built in which ensure that the capital will be repaid at the end of the term.
  • During the term a fixed payment will normally be paid or the interest can be rolled up and paid upon the maturity if the bond.
  • Capital Bonds normally structured as debt instruments to allow the companies that are being invested in to expand their business.

Capital Bonds are a more predictable investment. On purchase of new bonds, the investor would know the monthly and quarterly payments he will receive allowing him to plan and budget better. Moreover, bondholders are in a more advantageous position when compare to stockholders in the event of the company declaring bankruptcy.  According to bankruptcy laws, bond holders have to be paid back prior to stockholders.

It is important to note that AMYMA are regulated by the FCA but do not offer financial advice of any kind.  Most of the products we offer are suitable only for High Net Worth or Sophisticated Investors and are not suitable for normal or retail clients.  Many products are not covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme which means that should they go wrong you would not be covered.

As you can see investing in Capital Bonds can be a very lucrative investment but it is very important to ensure that the investments you are making are well structured and as safe as they can be.  That is why talking to your AMYMA agent could be beneficial if you are looking to make an investment into Capital Bonds.