Ways to Organize Content for Better Browsing

The best web pages that have high converting content follow a particular hierarchy. They want to highlight certain pieces of information and elements of their website. Organizing the layout of a page enables you to grab the attention of visitors and keep them hooked until they scroll down to the very end.

An expert on website design from Utah cites the following ways you can organize the content of your pages to improve their performance.

The Size

The most basic approach is to make text or headlines bigger to draw the attention of a visitor. This is a strategy implemented by newspapers; the size of the header is big indicating its importance, while the rest of the text has a smaller font, meaning they deliver the rest of the information and details that a reader may look for.

Alignment of Content

When you align certain elements and content, you create order on a page. One example of this is when a designer places a sidebar column next to the text or photos, this highlights those bits of information and leads a reader on to prioritize that particular part of your website. Magazines use this by placing pull quotes within the text, highlighting what an interviewee said. The break in the content and the larger font grabs the attention of a reader.

Repeating Styles

Repetition in different sections, points and themes give visitors a sense of relationship in the content you post on your pages. This highlights pieces of information and the brand message you want to convey; doing enables you to solidify the perception of your target audience. On the other hand, you can also use this strategy as a tool to lead visitors towards a link you want them to click. If you break away from the repeating style, you quickly draw a person’s attention on it.

These tactics allow you to organize content on a page in a way that grabs visitors and keeps them scrolling, increasing the possibility of a conversion.