Ways to Level the Playing Field for SMEs

A female entrepreneur workingWomen make good entrepreneurs. There is a certain level of care that you rarely see in their male counterpart, which makes them good at the helm of health and hospitality businesses. However, not all women lead multimillion-dollar companies. Some of them start a small business with a handful of employees if they’re not a solo operator.

How do women in SMEs manage to level the playing field? Here are some tricks:

Work from Home

A home office can be a cost-effective way to manage a growing business–if you can separate home life from work. Some distractions come with this arrangement, and because you hold your own time, you’ll need to divide your time wisely. Even if you can start work at any hour, try to live with a schedule, so you and your family will know when not to disturb you.

Go to a Virtual Office

If the business involves meeting investors or discussing the business with your handful of employees, or perhaps you need to conduct teleconferences, a virtual office may be more your style. A home office might be too informal for your business setup; meanwhile, a virtual office like Quest Workspaces in Coral Gables already as everything you need, no matter what size your company is.


If you’re trying to expand the company without blowing up the cost of business operations, consider outsourcing to a place where labor cost is cheaper. They might be from a different timezone, so discuss the work terms if you need them to be around when you’re awake. It’s also a good way to expand service offerings, as outsourced work involves hiring people to do one particular task instead of letting them juggle everything on their plate. Use timezone differences to your advantage, so things get done while you’re asleep.

Every entrepreneur wants to give their all to their new venture, but there might be some financial limitations. By being wise with how you conduct business, you can push through.