Ways to Get Social Media Influencers to Talk About You

Social Media Marketing in Phoenix Influencer marketing is catching on as a viable advertising strategy because of the networks that influencers already have. Brands that collaborate with social media celebrities are able to reach a wider audience effectively. However, this approach isn’t as easy as it seems, you need to generate buzz around your company first before they start talking about you.

Social Connect, a company that focuses on affordable social media marketing in Phoenix, cites the following ways to get the attention you want from influencers.

Reaching Out

You won’t be able to grow your network and influence the biggest influencers, if you stay within your comfort zone. You have to learn how to reach out to people; luckily for you, you have several options to do this. Guest posting, brand mentions and following are just a handful of ways to reach out effectively. Affiliate and incentive programs are also options to consider; create a win-win situation with your chosen influencer so that you both benefit with the partnership. Share the profit or give them freebies to sweeten the deal.


You need a lot of buzz around your brand to get attention; brand mentions and hashtags are some of the ways to achieve this. Mention your chosen influencer on your social media profiles so they know you’re there. Engage and discuss topics that are close to their heart and show interest in. This shows your authenticity about making a connection or forming a partnership.

Use Tools

There are different tools that allow you to find influencers effectively. Use these to your advantage to determine which ones work best for your objectives. A quick search of brand mentions or even number of followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram show you if an influencer has a wide reach.

Influencer marketing is a cost-effective way to reach your audience, tap into a new market, boost profits or grow your social network.