Video Marketing and How it Impacts Your Site’s Popularity

Video MarketingBy now, you have probably seen a lot of videos that has gone viral: clips that spread extremely quickly through online sharing. These videos have made a lot of people and websites popular because they received not only millions of views, but has also been shared, linked to, or reposted.

From this alone, you should already realise the importance of videos for your marketing campaigns. While your primary marketing goals should remain the same, which means spreading the word out about your business and capturing the attention of your target market, marketing agencies in Brisbane say that having a video that has the potential of going viral will help your cause.

The Statistics

By 2017, videos will represent 69% of the consumer web traffic, mobile-based video advertisements will have a growth rate five times faster than their desktop counterparts, and web landing pages featuring videos will increase conversion rate up to 800%. Simply take a look at how many visitors YouTube gets every month: over one billion.

These numbers should already tell you how people perceive videos. While your website may not achieve the same popularity as YouTube has, you should not discount the fact that including videos in your marketing campaign will attract more attention – far greater than what a regular text-based content will give you.

The Science

With videos in your marketing campaigns, you can increase the attention-grabbing impact of what you post on your site.

Psychologically, consumers tend to engage better with and have more positive reactions to videos compared with regular text. Depending on how positively they react to what they have just seen, their reaction will most likely include liking, commenting, or even reposting it.

One thing to remember though is that not all videos will elicit the same “viral” response. You need to make something that will not only pique the interest of viewers, but also make them want to finish watching it and elicit in them the positive responses mentioned above.