Typical Causes of Windshield Stress Cracks

Man Driving on Empty RoadWindshield cracks are a common phenomenon. The cracks caused by debris and collisions are highly understandable. There are times, however, when you might notice a windshield crack even with no apparent debris or collision. Known as stress cracks, these cracks are quite disturbing and yet very common.

They are also the leading cause of windshield replacement jobs in Mesa, AZ. Though you might think you have no control over stress cracks, you can prevent them to a large extent by understanding what causes them.

Here are the primary causes of windshield stress cracks:

Temperature Changes

Extreme temperature changes are the most frequent causes of stress cracks. If for instance, you use hot water to melt ice off your windshield, this extreme sudden temperature change will cause your glass to crack. Another typical mistake car owners make that results in a stress crack is washing their windscreen with icy cold water after leaving it in the sun for a long time.

Pressure Changes

Any adjustment that causes a rapid change in the atmospheric pressure of the region surrounding your car will cause a stress crack. Change in wind pressure is the most common cause of stress cracks. Explosions, even those happening miles away, can also create a pressure change resulting in glass stress cracks.

Structural Defects

The most common cause of weakness in areas of your windscreen which might lead to cracks is DIY windshield repairs. DIY repair kits might seem to repair cracks in windscreens efficiently. Over time, however, the resin in these kits weakens your glass and results in cracks from residual stress and minimal pressure.

Indoor storage of your vehicle will protect your car from sudden temperature and pressure changes. Avoidance of DIY repair kits will defend it from glass weakening. In most cases, stress cracks extend quickly and occur at your windshield’s edge. These two elements make them irreparable and necessitate windshield replacement.