Types of Steel Shelves for Your Inventory Needs

Steel shelves are a sturdy, long-term solution for your storage needs. On the other hand, have you considered what style of industrial shelving you’re going to adopt?

Sure buying materials can be as easy as saying ABC, but efficient steel shelving is more than just picking the right materials for the job. You also have to think about the type of shelving you’ll want, based on your needs.

Open and Closed Shelving

Whether you’re using nut-and-bolt shelving for your shop or your home, there are two styles you need to keep in mind. Easily distinguished by their appearances alone, these two choices differ in their uses:

Closed Steel Shelving

These shelves require steel panels on all sides – except the front – to divide individual sections. If you have several shelves up for installation, you can save more by joining the units side-by-side and back to back using a unitary side or back panel.

The best storage option for: inventory items that need to be clearly separated from each other, such as chemicals or small hardware parts. Closed shelves are also handy for protecting items that can get damaged by dust or water.

Open Steel Shelving

Open shelves rely on back and side braces for stability, thereby reducing lateral sway. Manufacturers bolt these braces near each other and fasten them to the flanges of offset angle posts – making it easier to install in your area.

The best storage option for: items you need access easily. The open design is perfect for retrieving and storing necessities ranging from your grocery items to your shoes.

Style Goes with Strength

After selecting the type of shelving appropriate for your goods, you are now set to build your shelves! Some homeowners opt for the DIY route, but there’s no harm with consulting material handling experts in Australia for your nut and bolt shelving needs. Here’s to hoping your storage problems can be shelved from here onward!