Types of Buffet Display Risers

A line up of catered foodVarious elements work in harmony to create a successful catering business. Among these elements is the presentation of your food. An artistic food display is pleasing to the eye and guarantees that your guests will enjoy the meal set before them.

Buffet display items are therefore a fundamental part of all mercantile catering equipment. There are various types of display equipment, but the buffer display risers stand out from the rest. They elevate your dish and can be used to display multiple food items that you want to attract attention. Here are some types of buffet display risers that will transform your food display.

Plate or Bowl Stands

These risers are used to elevate gourmet dishes. Plate and bowl stands are also used to serve small portions of hors-d’oeuvres and finger food or large platters containing cold plates at brunch. Plate and bowl stands create a display that complements the food and helps in the serving process.

Tier Stands

There are two primary types of tier stands, including two and three-tier stands. They are used to bring together various display elements and enhance the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your display. Tier stands are typically used for high tea buffets and coffee breaks to present baked pastries, scones, finger sandwiches and cakes.

Riser Stands

These display precious culinary elements without overcrowding your table. Riser stands cater to large crowds gracefully and fast. They come in various shapes, materials and sizes to fit all manners of buffet displays.

The given types of buffet display risers might seem small, but their results are guaranteed to make a significant impact on your overall display. They are lifesavers when catering to large crowds or high-end functions where you need an elegant food display. They can significantly boost your profit in today’s catering sector.