Tried, Tested and Trusted: Print Signage

Signage Doing business in Brisbane can be a challenge, especially if you’re new to the industry. Competition is booming, and if you want to get ahead, you have to be creative.

Trumping the Opposition

Advertising is one way to gain an advantage over your competitors. With enough exposure and a developed brand, you may become a powerhouse in the business world.

Mix and Match

There are different types of advertising, ranging from online to physical or print advertising. A good advertising scheme makes good use of all kinds. In the Digital Age, online advertising can benefit you, but print advertising or signage can still help you go a long way.

Old School Still Rules

Just like in advertising, there are different kinds of signage, but they can be categorised into two groups: digital and print. In Australia, digital signage systems are gaining popularity as more businesses rely on them. The time of the print signage is not yet done, however.

Sign Here and There

Choose from a variety of signs, namely:

  • Pylon Signage – Pylons are large and tall signs meant to catch the attention of motorists from a distance. Companies of all sizes use pylon signage. Brisbane advertising experts say it can also advertise several businesses at once.
  • Monument Signage – Monuments are low and stylised signs made out of concrete, plastic or metal, usually positioned by the entrance to the driveway of a building. Like pylons, monuments can advertise one or several businesses.
  • Wall Signage – One of the most common types, this simply advertises that your shop is right where the sign is.
  • Awning Signage – Awnings don’t just advertise your business. They also provide shade for your customers and potential customers. They are suspended canvasses in front of the business that advertise the name of your company.

There are many other print signage options. It’s up to you and your creativity to mix and match digital and print signage to make your business stand out.