Top Cities to Eat Pizza in America

The Chicago Deep Dish PizzaPizza had humble beginnings in Italy; it grew from family-owned restaurants to chains that offer different styles and flavors not just in Europe, but all over the world. America is a melting pot, both figuratively and literally as many cultures share their knowledge and most especially their dishes. Pizzas come as no exception; however, some cities do it better than others.


There is no unifying style or culture in the city’s pizza scene, but it does have a few places that offer fantastic tasting slices. The crispy and cheesy pizzas in the area are what most people go for, the long queues and quick deliveries are signs of a thriving business and a hunger for good quality food.


Home to the second biggest Italian-American community in the US, Philadelphia is the perfect place to try a pizza. This means that there are plenty of pizzerias open for 24 hours or restaurants that offer different kinds of pizzas for various tastes and preferences. You can get a slice or two that has plenty of cheese mixed with a tangy sauce, square ones with all sorts of toppings and thin crust ones.


The capital of Rhode Island has turned into a destination for food lovers over the last few decades. Part of this increasing popularity is the evolving pizza culture. Pizzerias craft pizzas in traditional ways or add twists to give the dish a distinct taste that people will keep coming back to. Some places use a coal oven, which has a higher temperature compared to wooden ones, giving their pizzas a uniquely smoky taste.


The favorite deep dish is one of the reasons Chicago is famous as a pizza city; one bite into this classic and you’ll get a taste of the different styles and cultures imbued in it. Some pizzerias provide their twist into this favorite by making it with a thin crust or cutting it into squares or strips.

These are just a handful of places to get your pizza fix in the country; many other places offer pizzas with their own twist and distinct flavor.