Three Ways to Improve Your Website’s Traffic

Get traffic in hand writingRegardless of industry and size, businesses can benefit a lot from website design companies in Salt Lake City. But apart from good website design, there are also more ways of getting people to visit your website. Here are four tricks you can use this year:

Create and Maintain an Interesting Blog

Did you know that 77 percent of online users read blogs? In fact, online users in the U.S. spend more time reading blogs, at least three times more, than they do reading emails. So if your company already has a website, complement it by creating and maintaining an interesting blog that is related to your business.

Don’t Forget SEO, but Don’t Rely on It 100 Percent

SEO Werkz and other web designers in Salt Lake City will agree that optimizing your website for search engines helps potential customers find you. But don’t just rely on SEO. Just because you had your website optimized doesn’t mean online users will flock to it. You have to complement these with content marketing and social media marketing strategies to help your blogs reach a wider market.

Give Online Users Some Free Stuff — Even Your Best Ones

This isn’t the same as saying that you should give away information for free. If you’re good at something, you shouldn’t do it for free. But when it comes to lead generation, remember that majority of people, if not all, want free stuff. Be prepared to give away some of your works for free, to help the users determine the weight of your products. Leverage the psychological trick that if you do something for people for free, they feel obliged to return the favor. And return favors could be in the form of purchases, referrals, and even word of mouth or social media advertising.

If you have a website and it’s not generating as many leads as you’d hoped, consider employing some of these tactics. Improving and maintaining high web traffic doesn’t happen overnight. You have to consistently work on it.