Three Reasons You Should Plan Your Funeral

Coffin inside a funeral carDeath is a sensitive issue many refuse to talk—or even think—about. But there are those rare times when death feels a little more natural, that it is indeed an inevitable part of life. Just like when people choose to plan their own funeral.

When you look closely, planning your funeral makes sense. Just like every crucial decision in life, you need to plan for it.

1. It Makes You in Charge

Even on your last day here on earth. You’re able to ensure that your wishes will be honoured and that you’ll be laid to rest however you want. Remember, how your funeral and burial is arranged matters. It’s like your last words to the world, which will be remembered down the road. It’s the reason Baby Boomers today choose to go for green funeral services and eco-friendly burials, as they want to leave the legacy of the green movement they pioneered in the 60s and 70s.

2. It Lets You Manage Costs

Funerals are expensive. Just think about the fees in the funeral home, caskets, location for interment, grave markers, flowers, food, music and the services. The list goes on and the costs go up each year. When you plan now, you can manage these costs with monthly payments. Otherwise, you’re leaving the financial burden to the family you’re leaving behind.

3. It Relieves the Stress from Your Family

In addition to relieving the financial stress from family, funeral planning also helps people reduce the emotional stress their loved ones feel when they’re gone. It would be a time of loss, so relatives would be enduring deep grief. By having everything arranged already in the funeral and burial, people are relieved that their families won’t be going through the tedious tasks of organising things for them.

Funeral planning is an important preparation for a certain, inevitable event in life. Plan now.