Things Are Looking Up for Metro Manila’s South

Aerial photo of a neighborhood in ManilaA wealth of opportunities, innovation, and new roads are contributing to the growing appeal of Metro Manila’s southernmost cities. The cities of Parañaque, Las Piñas, and Muntinlupa are predicted to become three of Manila’s fastest growing cities.

Opening New Roads

The C5 Southlink Expressway project has started its first phase connecting C5 to Merville. The project is expected to finish early next year and will cut travel time significantly in Parañaque, especially to the city of Taguig. Several condominiums are being built in Sucat and condo for sale signs are quickly vanishing. Residents and non-residents alike are investing in these properties — anticipating a rise in property value once the expressway is built.

Innovative Ideas

The City of Muntinlupa has implemented the most advanced citizen identification card in the country. The Muntinlupa Care Card Plus allows residents to receive government allocated benefits and allowances and conduct financial transactions through the use of the card.

The MCC Plus card is a joint venture with PayMaya, and more than 5,000 small businesses in Muntinlupa have been equipped to handle cashless transactions. Residents can also avail of free transportation from electric jeepneys, serving the city with a simple tap of their new ID cards.

Focusing on Small Businesses

Senator Cynthia Villar’s home city of Las Piñas is making efforts to spur local businesses, especially those that benefit and raise awareness of the environment. Enterprises make use of water lilies to make beautifully woven baskets or handcrafted paper. Other enterprises focus on using coconut husks for weaving and charcoal production, ordinary kitchen and garden waste to create compost, and recycled plastics to make plastic chairs used in the city’s schools.

The South is developing at a rapid rate and it can only go faster once the C5 Southlink expressway finishes in 2021. All three cities can expect a surge in economic and business opportunities, new jobs, and residents. Clearly, the South is on its way up.