The Traffic Jam and Billboard Love Affair

Traffic JamAdvertising in public places, transit, or commercial location are forms of outdoor advertising. These are used to massively broadcast branding campaigns. Billboards are the largest forms of outdoor advertising and are very hard to miss. Especially when stuck in heavy traffic, billboards become a fascinating distraction between destinations.

Thriving in Traffic Jams

An average person in a heavy traffic location spends 1000 hours a year on the road. With hours of airtime for advertisement, the road becomes a competitive market. While targeting drivers, commuters, and pedestrians caught in heavy traffic, the billboard industry continues to thrive on a city traffic condition.

Countries with heavy traffic are sought-after sites for traditional and digital billboards. With more people getting stuck in the middle of traffic, the screen and billboard capture the audiences’ attention.

Outdoor advertising companies like are thriving in countries with heavy traffic like, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Indonesia. Capitalizing on a negative urban situation takes a lot of ingenuity to pull off.

Billboard Seduction

Less is more. With the city buzzed with caffeine and always on the move, people don’t have a lot of time to stop and read.  With only 6 seconds of average attention span of people in reading billboards, it only has little time to make a big impact.

The message should be concise and simple.

Be smart, but not too clever. A boring billboard is a waste of space, a complex one will be lost in translation, but a smart and witty billboard will get the attention and leave a lasting impression. Be smart and fun. Don’t be too clever that it’ll make the audience scratch their head in confusion.

There are hundreds of billboards out, but only a few are remembered. Catching the attention of a busy person on the road takes more than street smarts. But, depending on the traffic condition, the location of the billboard can be more effective.