The Science of Why People Share Posts Online

Social MediaConsumer behaviour is taking over digital marketing. Everything from content to mobile and social media marketing relies heavily on user experience. If you want your content to go viral, you have to give users what they want.

When it comes to content marketing, this means knowing what the customers want. To do that, you have to know what is going on inside their heads. You need to understand the needs and motivations of readers in consuming and sharing content. The New York Times Customer Insight Group found just that.

  1. To Entertain and Inform

49% of respondents in the study say they share content as a form of entertainment. Sharing allows consumers to inform their friends, followers, and community of products or topics they care about. Articles that can potentially change opinions or encourage actions are also a hit among readers.

Perth-based SEO company shares that for any social media strategy, marketers need to carefully consider how the information they provide and publish will be useful to the recipients. It is not enough that you publish something you like, you also have to consider how your Facebook and other social media community will receive it.

  1. To Define and Stand Out

In the same study, 68% said they share articles to give people a better sense of who they are and what they care about.

You are what you share. In social media marketing, this includes what and where you publish. Your followers are more likely to share only the posts and information that will reinforce the image they want to present. This goes down to the basic tenet of any content creation strategy: know your audience.

  1. To Stay Connected

78% say they share articles as a way to stay connected to people they may not otherwise stay in touch with. Users share posts to connect with friends who share the same interests.

  1. To Be More Involved in the World

64% share articles online because it makes them feel more involved. A simple share of a news article or a timely blog can get a few comments and views, which then will be re-shared. Posting valuable information, getting likes and comments are always great ways to get the conversation going, whether you are a marketer or a reader.

  1. To Support a Cause

84% share information as a way to support certain causes or issues they care about. Posts that provide something valuable to or strike a chord with readers are almost always going to get shared, or at least noticed.

When people follow your social media profiles and share your content, it provides you value on numerous levels. Not only does it drive traffic, it also boosts your reputation as users are essentially vouching for your brand.