The Right Venue: Here’s Why Size Matters in Event Planning

PlanningAs the host, your aim is to make an event organised and memorable. Choosing a venueis an important decision to make since you will be taking care of every detail, from the foods, lighting and the venue. Whether you are looking for a venue for a corporate event or a wedding reception, make sure the space can accommodate the number of guests.

Corporate events

Having the right venue is importantin a corporate event, especially when you plan for team building activities. You may need to choose an outdoor location if the organisation is big.Some hotels also offer function rooms that can accommodate a large crowd.

Regatta Hotel recommends function floors dedicated to corporate clients for team meetings, presentations and conferences. These rooms have audio visual facilities, making them suitable for corporate activities.

Wedding receptions

For the wedding reception, have everything arranged in one venue. Hotels and resorts can accommodate guests who travelled to attend the wedding. These venues also offer areas for socialisation, such as game rooms and bars.

While most people want to mingle, there are some who would just sit back, relax and enjoy the event with foods and beverages. Make sure everyone has something to do.Include lawn games such as croquette or giant jenga.

Wedding receptions require more planning, with everything from table settings to personalised items contributing to the success of the event. Herald Sun says couples want the day to reflect their personalities—and they are even veering away from tradition to achieve this. As the host, get some help from a wedding planner to make the day memorable for the couple.

Usually, corporate events are big occasion. Weddings can be the same. Consider not just the budget for the event, but also the number of guests.