The Move: 3 Reasons to Relocate to Dubai

Every year, more people from around the world are moving to Dubai. Whether you are travelling with your spouse, your small family, or your entire family tree, there are many reasons you should consider relocating to this art of the world. Here are some reasons to start with:

Good educational system

If you are relocating to Dubai with the entire family, one of the things you probably worry about is the future educational system of your kids. What is good to know is that there are many outstanding schools in Dubai, including an array of international schools that follow the UK curriculum. This way, even teenagers can find it easy to adapt to the new location because of the same school curriculum.

Rich cosmopolitan culture

If you are a working professional in your late 20s and early 30s, you will find so much to love about Dubai’s rich cosmopolitan culture. Dubai is a melting pot of more than 200 nationalities living in harmony. Every year, there are festivals and events that celebrate the high diversity of cultures found here. There are many places and activities you can try for leisure, as well.

No taxes in the Free Zone

If you work within Dubai’s so-called ‘free zone’, your entire wage is yours to spend. The government will not require you to pay taxes on your wages if you are employed by a company or income if you are running your own business. Now, that is a big plus. Unlike in some countries, you are required to pay taxes, which could eat up over a third of what you make.

If you are thinking of moving to the UAE, consider moving to Dubai and enjoy these great benefits. Dubai has an amazing array of things to offer regardless of age and profession. There is always something for someone in Dubai to enjoy and love.