The Most Horrendous Pests You Do Not Want to Live With at Home

Pest Control in CaliforniaCockroaches and flies are some of the most usual problems homeowners face on a daily basis. Reputable pest control services can offer effective solutions to help rid your home of undesirable creatures, which may carry diseases and put your family at risk.

Orange Coast Pest Control explains the characteristics and habits of these creatures. Knowing about pests will help you deal with the problem effectively.

Cockroaches Scuttling Behind the Walls

The biggest problem with cockroaches is that they carry all sorts of harmful microorganisms and disease-causing germs. The reason for this is the nature of their usual habitat. They walk on filth and crawl under all sorts of spaces and they can easily transfer bacteria and viruses to the food that you eat. Cockroaches breed very fast. You might see a couple scuttling around, but there could be scores of them between the walls already. When they crawl over exposed dishes, they make the surfaces unclean as well. So if you have a significant cockroach infestation, then your home might already be a haven of germs that cause gastroenteritis, dysentery, hepatitis A, salmonellosis, typhoid fever, and bacterial infection. You can minimize their presence by keeping a clean house, and good waste management.

Flies Laying Eggs on Exposed Organic Material

Like cockroaches, flies carry different forms of bacterial diseases and viral diseases as well. When there is exposed organic material, flies can lay eggs, which then develop into maggots. The young feed on the available material and in less than a week, they become adults. Flies look for food and nesting places everywhere, so their furry feet could land in fecal matter, and their next stop could be food on your table that has been left uncovered. This means that if your immune response is compromised, you can get sick from germs carried by flies.

Aside from cockroaches and flies, you may also have to deal with mosquitoes, rats and mice, fleas, and termites. Household pests put your family’s health at risk. Do not give them a chance to thrive in your home.