The Most Commonly Asked Questions About Bed Bugs

a big shadow effect of a bed bugBed bugs have been around and have been feeding on the blood of humans for thousands of years. They usually hide in bed frames and mattresses and are often difficult to exterminate. Which is why most people rely on bed bug extermination services such as heat treatment to do the job. But what attracts bed bugs to humans? Here are a few questions to help you understand them:

What are bed bugs?

Bed bugs are small and wingless insects that have a reddish brown color, which can crawl rapidly. According to the New York Health Department, they are commonly found on bed frames, chairs, and mattress seams and usually come out at night.

What attracts bed bugs to humans?

According to Thought Co., bed bugs often get attracted to the carbon dioxide that you breathe, which commonly happens for several hours when you’re in bed. Once they settle into your lovely home, they tend to infest areas where you spend time the most — couches, chairs, and mattresses. These tiny little critters feed on your blood, which can even cause an allergic reaction to a few people.

How do they spread?

Bed bugs usually spread from one infested area to another. They can also hitch a ride in any of your backpacks, purses, or any other item that has a soft or fabric surfaces.

How do I prevent it from happening?

You may want to place your bag solely on a suitcase stand to ensure that they won’t be able to stick to it. Then, once you return home, you may want to wash your clothes in a hot dryer to kill them off.

Bed bugs can be quite a problem, especially if they were able to infest your bed. You may want to work with an exterminator who knows how to handle these pests, so they can get rid of them immediately.