The Metrics to Track for AdWords Success

An AdWords campaign can be costly and may stretch your budget, especially if you’re a small business trying to make a mark in your niche. You have a smaller margin for error compared to a bigger competition. That’s why you need to maximize your resources and get the most out of each dollar you spend on AdWords. To do so, you need to monitor and analyze certain metrics to enable you to make smart decisions.

Experts from Denver on AdWords show the following metrics you should monitor closely to get the results you want.

Quality Score

Google uses the Quality Score to score the keyword campaigns of brands that use their tool. The score you great has a huge impact on how much you have to pay for the campaign and its performance. That’s why it is important to monitor this metric. The search engine giant determines the score based on the relevance of keywords to its advert group, the ads’ text and the quality of the landing page. Google will also factor in the historical performance of your AdWords account.

Click Through Rate

Many experts cite click through rate (CTR) as an important metric to monitor. This is so because the CTR is a clear indicator of how relevant or compelling your adverts are to your intended audience. If no one clicks on your ads, then they’ll never see your site and any of its pages. This metric also has influence over the quality score.

Conversion Rate

The objective of any campaign is to convert visitors into paying customers, so the conversion rate is important as it tracks how effective ads are at converting. The tracking code you get allows you to monitors conversions of online orders, offline sales, form submissions and others.

These metrics are a must to monitor because these allow you to evaluate the effectiveness of your campaigns and which keywords work the best for your objectives.