The Importance of Effective Product Labels

Product LabelsYour product’s labelling allows it to stand out from the competition. This is also a great way to determine how well it sells. Studies have shown that consumers decide on which brand they purchase within the store as they are browsing over the information they find on product labels.

As such, you need to learn the basics of creating an effective product label. Unimax shares some of the secrets in labelling:

Choose the right material

Choosing high quality and cost effective materials for your labels is one of the most necessary steps. The physical appearance and appeal of your label speaks volumes for your brand, as consumers usually judge the product based on the quality of its labelling and packaging.

Use the best colour scheme

Studies show that colour is one of the best ways to sell products, as this has an influence on consumer purchases. As experts determined, it accounts for 85% of the reason customers decide to buy a product.

Use effective fonts, shapes and images

The shape and the font of the text on your label helps in drawing attention to your product, which, in turn, brings sales in the long run. Make sure the text is easily readable both from a distance and up close. Images associated with your product will also help in this aspect of label design.

Add your company’s contact information

Adding your company website, email address, phone number or social media page (Facebook, Twitter etc.) can be a big plus for marketing. This gives customers a way to learn more about your company and products. This will also allow your customers to provide suggestions and feedback.

Make sure you have barcodes

With the emergence of smartphones, barcode labels are not just random lines on the package to most people anymore. Barcode and QR code reading applications allow consumers to quickly check a product and compare it with the competition online.

Knowing the basics of creating an effective product label will allow your product to stand out and capture the attention of customers. While looking good will only go so far, the quality of your products and customer service are what keeps them coming back.