The Ideal Colours for Your Small Bedroom

Interior PaintingIt’s a misconception that small bedrooms must be painted all white to make it appear bigger. Design trends change every year, and interior designers become more experimental with colour. Sometimes, even home painting companies come up with the best shades for small bedrooms, since they have plenty of experience in the field.

No matter how tiny your bedroom is, do not be afraid to experiment with colour. Here are the ideal colours for your small bedroom.

White and Off-White

Shades of white and off-white are ideal for a small bedroom, because it creates more light and sense of space. But make sure to add accents of yellow and orange to brighten up the space. Patterns like stripes and polka dots are also great to keep your room interesting.

If you are the kind who doesn’t like matching colours with furniture and decoration, consider off-white shades like cream, ivory, pearl, and light grey. These colours are easy to accentuate and will make your bedroom feel calm and cosy.

Serene Colours

Sage green and sky blue are just some of the serene colours you can use in your small bedroom. Layering these shades will keep the room from looking narrow and confined. Avoid deeply saturated shades of blue and green because it will only make your space cramped.

Apart from making your room bigger, shades of blue and green also invoke a feeling of peace and relaxation because it reminds people of the daytime sky and the deep ocean. Other serene colours that will work for your tiny space are lavender, peach, powder blue, and foam green.

Earth Tones

Earth tones like beige, brown, sand, light orange, and pale yellow also make small bedrooms look bigger and brighter. These colours can make the walls visually recede into the background, and bring more attention to the furniture and accessories in the room.

Craftsman, bungalow, and modern architecture frequently use earth tones, because they appeal to a large number of home buyers. It also depicts the simplicity of country living. Other earth tones you can experiment with are khaki, taupe, and wheat.

When choosing the ideal colour for your small bedroom, stick to plain and muted shades because it will also give you the chance to experiment with furniture and décor. Avoid using dark shades like black, royal blue, maroon, and purple because its striking shades will make your space appear narrow.