The Hard Sell: Better Marketing for Better Sales

Marketing Strategy in UtahSmall-scale businesses like simple retail stores are nothing new in the bustling cities of Utah. For these fledgling micro-enterprises who have yet to join the big leagues, marketing is their ticket to success. Small businesses are typically overshadowed by the bigger companies who went before them. This is why, reaching wider and farther in the market is the key to leveling the playing field.

To put your small business’ service and product right into the consciousness of the consuming public, you need novel as well as time-tested marketing tactics. Here are three ways to boost customer sales and awareness.

Special Promos

Of course, yours being a relatively new business, people have yet to get to know your specific brand of service or product. To do this, you have to lure people into exploring what you have to offer. One great example is to offer special promos and discounts to first-time customers: if you are toy store selling limited-edition items, you can offer memberships that benefit from discounted prices in the long run. For businesses in the dining industry, party packages and budget meals can help draw in customers.

These techniques, explains Red Rider Creative, allow the customers to make purchases while at the same time exploring the many good facets of your business they would not normally venture into.

Appearance Marketing

People have always been told: “do not judge a book by its cover”. Though it’s a common saying, people are surprisingly stubborn because people are visual creatures. That said, your company as well as its product should be visually appealing to the senses. Consult graphic designers on the design and look of your company logo, as well as the appearance of your product packaging. It makes a huge difference.

A good example is in the restaurant industry. Diners typically color themselves in the shades of red, orange and yellow – as these colors are associated with appetite. See? Colors affect the consumer’s mindset. Take advantage of this.

Take to the Internet

Marketing has expanded into an entirely new battlespace today: the internet. The Internet is a global network where millions of users connect through information. Take advantage of this. Create your business website, social media page, blog and the like. By taking to the Internet, you have better, more agile reach, so that even a small start-up company can cast a large shadow.

For SMEs to thrive, they must see the light of day. For that, you need an aggressive marketing strategy. Make the move.