The Effectiveness Of Television As A Marketing Platform

 Television A Good Marketing PlatformTo say today’s marketing landscape is predominantly digitalised is a massive understatement. A good number of brands seem to be focusing their efforts on social media and other digital platforms. One quick look at the trends do not indicate a slowdown any time soon. Nobody can blame them. About 2.43 billion people worldwide us social media, and that number is expected to grow to near 3 billion by 2020.

There is almost unlimited marketing potential in digital. So why bother using traditional mediums? Take television, for example. Ask anybody and they’re likely choosing to watch Netflix or Hulu over conventional broadcasts. People stream on mobile devices as well. Based on that, it seems like the television is no longer a viable marketing platform. But companies such as TheCoalShed disagree.

Withstanding the Test of Time

A study by Horizon Media, Turner Broadcasting, and analytics firm MarketShare reveals that television is still the most effective marketing medium. According to the results, television has the highest efficiency in terms of achieving key performance indicators such as sales and new registrations. Television also had a massive four-fold lead in sales compared to digital.

Here in the UK, there is even an ironic situation. Digital platforms such as Google, Facebook and Netflix spent more than half of their marketing budgets on television ads in the UK alone. Not bad for a marketing medium that many people now consider obsolete. Even digital marketing platforms turn to television for their own promotional efforts.

What is it with television, anyway? According to MarketShare Vice President for Strategy, Isaac Webber, television is like a “giant megaphone.” While digital was busy grabbing almost all the attention, television consumption adapted to the change behind the scenes. The way that people consume traditional broadcast content may have changed, but people still go back to what they’re used to. And digital is not exactly fool proof in terms of delivering a message, either.

Television works because it creates, builds and grows a brand. Anything or anyone that gets broadcast stays in the public’s psyche far longer. In contrast, whatever gets posted on the internet is likely forgotten within a couple of weeks or even days, once a new trend comes along or people get tired of it. Television is more of long-term recall rather than two minutes of fame.