The Drop Ship Inventory: Which Products Should You Have?

Man Doing Drop ShippingTo many, “drop ship” is a strange term. What does it mean? Does it involve ships and dropping things somewhere?

Drop shipping isn’t just a simple drop and ship concept. It’s a new form of buy-and-sell that purchases and ships products from the wholesaler, manufacturer, and other types of sellers directly to the buyer instead of a retailer.

Some people are jumping ship, switching to drop shipping for a better retail experience and more profit. Due to the variety of products available, new sellers are easily overwhelmed. If you’re one of them, it pays to know which products sell better via drop ship.


Most trusted drop ship wholesalers recommend prioritizing clothes in your inventory. Because of clothing apparel’s high demand, it’s an ideal product to sell via drop shipping. Customers can buy just a skirt or fill an entire wardrobe from you. Provide them with satisfying services, and you are good to go.

Selling clothes via drop shipping comes with numerous perks: no need to physically handle the clothes, and you can sell brand name clothing from different designers and brands.

Computer Accessories

Due to the changing nature of technology, computer accessories are popular must-have products for drop shipping. People constantly upgrade their computers and systems, which results in a higher demand for hardware.

Drop shipping computer accessories is easier for both the buyer and the seller. As the seller, you have the opportunity to entice consumers into buying multiple products all at once. Buyers need not make different trips to computer stores; all they have to do is to browse online.

Beauty Products

Beauty and other grooming items are must-haves. Some customers don’t have the time to browse through makeup for their regular stock. Through drop shipping, you entice customers to return and make more purchases whenever they run out.

Enjoy a successful drop ship experience by stocking the inventory with these products. Combine these with good customer service and you’ll have customers coming back for more.