The Digital Dream: Building a Social Media Empire

Social Media PlatformLet’s face it. In this digital age, every brand’s dream is to have a strong and steady online presence. But even though having an optimized website and updating it with relevant content are essential, you also need to put time and effort into the brand’s social media accounts.

With various platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest and Google Plus, social media is a roulette of responsibilities. Which one should you focus on? Should you buy social signals to amplify your reach? Is that account getting the targeted attention?

Here are some tips on building your social media empire:

Know Your Audience

The first and most important factor you must focus on in your brand’s social media build-up is the audience. Their involvement in the mapping out of plans for the platform does not stop when you have defined them, though.

Aside from the demographics, you also need to focus on the target audience psychographics, behaviour and even geographical data. Know their lifestyles, interests, and their social media activity patterns.

Boost Your Reach

Once you have gathered enough information about your target audience, you will have an idea of which social media platforms they are inclined towards. You will also know which among your brand’s accounts to focus on.

Boosting your brand’s reach includes amplifying your social media signals; shares, views, likes and retweets improve visibility. On the other hand, posting relevant content on your various platforms attract potential brand loyalists, hence sales. This is why you need to know your audience: you gain social media leverage by engaging your audience with promising posts.

Stay Active

Finally, keep in mind that the success of your brand’s social media does not stop at having the most likes and retweets. Neither does it stop at finally having your audience follow the social media accounts. You need constant interaction to build a steady presence, so keep the platforms running and the social media posts going.

With those three in mind, you are well on your way to reaching that digital dream of establishing a strong and sturdy social media empire.