The Art of Persuasion: How Promotional Videos Perfect the Art

Someone creating a promotional video There is no doubt that technology is now an integral part of consumers’ lives. Due to its big role in their purchasing decisions, more businesses invest time and resources in tools that guarantee better consumer engagement.

One of the popular choices is promotional videos.

A Necessity in Marketing

These videos — whether they take just a minute or 15 more — are effective marketing tools. It is one of the best ways to improve consumer engagement, and increase conversion rates and clickthroughs. Due to its power, Courage Media, a video producer, no longer thinks of it as just a marketing tool, but rather as a vital part of the marketing mix.

What is it about promotional videos that make it work? Simple: persuasion.

In Touch and Personal

Today’s promo videos do not just include Photoshopped pictures and few blocks of texts. Most videos involve relatable characters that affect viewers through their body language, expressions and vocal tones. These videos often incorporate trending subjects or relational subject matters, which builds stronger connections with the viewer.

The combination of sights and sounds (plus emotional values) establishes trust and loyalty, which is important in an age that prioritises face-to-face meetings.

Educate and Entertain

Promo videos also play a valuable role in the consumers’ decision making process. As a result, these videos serve as important opportunities to educate and entertain potential customers. Businesses inform consumers about their products and services through videos that associate positive feelings. The best promotional ads manage to keep the viewer’s full attention and educate them at the same time.

Convenient Means of Information

Most consumers are not big fans of blocks of texts or paragraphs. With videos, it is easier to digest information through multiple sensory simulations.

Promotional videos connect better with customers because it touches on different learning styles: the visual, wherein viewers learn by reading, and the auditory, wherein they learn by hearing.

These characteristics compose of the regular promotional video’s capability to persuade. As long as they are interesting, educational and entertaining, consumers would always prefer to click a button and watch a video to learn more.