Technical with a Bit of Personal Touch: Selling Online

Online Selling for Brick and Mortar BusinessesInitially, there seem to be no connections between brick and mortar retail and web entrepreneurship. But on a deeper scale, the former can teach the latter a thing or two.

Brick and mortar retail is complex business. Profit doesn’t grow on trees, nor comes that easy due to a range of factors, which includes limited geographic customer reach, staff management, spoilage and customers damaging products, and display maintenance.

Despite the challenges, a number of physical retail businesses climb the success ladder faster than others. As an online business, you can get the help of SEO starter kits, as mentioned by C1 Partners, an SEO expert. Still, studying how offline businesses excel offers a dramatic impact in online customer experience.

Consistent Operating Hours

Most customers rely on the operating hours of a nearby business. When the business is open, consumers know when they can stop by or call in case they have inquiries.

Online shops, on the other hand, do not have that type of transparency, especially with their hours. As a result, a number of customers are understandably frustrated. How would you feel if you stopped by your favorite lunch spot, only to find no waiters in sight?

Customers want to connect with a shop immediately, especially if they have concerns. Online retailers should commit to their operating hours and be accessible at all times. By improving your processes, you respond to emails, serve tickets, and answer questions promptly.

It’s All About the Customers

Customers are the life and soul of every business — offline or online. For your brand to thrive, you need loyal consumers. To keep them constantly by your side, it’s important to please them at all times.

As an online business, establishing human relations can be tough. While you can’t be as customer-focused as physical businesses, you can still do the following:

  • Offer surprise samples or other freebies
  • Personalize messages
  • Improve shipping times or lower shipping costs
  • Anticipate potential customer concerns and address them through the Ritz-Carlton Approach

Online businesses can learn a thing or two from their physical counterparts. Sure, your business works through the internet, but a little personal touch makes all the difference to your customers.