Target a Wider Audience: Think About Lower-Literacy Users

SEO servicesWhile the average Internet user scans text and chooses pieces that interest them, lower-literacy users exhibit a rather different behavior. As they have informational obstacles on the Web, they cannot understand text or a phrase by simply glancing at it. They need to spend a considerable amount of time trying to understand complicated and multisyllabic words.

Slow Reading

SEO service providers say it is common for such users to concentrate more on a word and slowly read each line of the text. Lower-literacy users do not scan the text, so they cannot quickly glance at navigation options they want.  They need to read the words carefully to understand them.

Skipping Information

When users do not want to read the text, they skip over a substantial amount of information. They often do this when they encounter words or phrases that are too complicated. They also tend to become content with a little amount of information to avoid further reading. When the content becomes too compact, they start skipping, causing them to overlook important information.

Trouble with Searches

Another challenge for them is the search tool bar. Lower-literacy users have problems spelling search terms and they have trouble processing the results. This may be because of the unfamiliar and out-of-context snippets of text. This causes them to choose the first item on the line, without evaluating if it is appropriate for their needs.

Improving Usability

Website owners can improve usability for users by streamlining the page design. It is beneficial to put important content in a single column, so users do not need to scan the page and choose elements in multiple layouts. Simplifying navigation also helps. This is done by placing choices on a linear menu to help visitors understand the succeeding pages.

It is also a good idea to prioritize information and place the main point on top of the page. Website designers should also avoid animation and text that moves or changes. Static text is much easier to read; this will help those with motor skill impairments, and international visitors who need to use the dictionary.

The good thing about improving usability for lower-literacy users is that it also benefits average and high-literacy visitors. It is best to revise the Web text or layout for a wider consumer range, to benefit all users.