Swimming Pool Redesign: Is It Possible?

Residential swimming poolYou’ve just moved into a house with a circular swimming pool. Do you think a square one would serve you better? Would you want to increase the length of the pool a bit? Granted, many homeowners would want to transform their pools. However, apart from the seemingly expensive process, many wonders whether it’s even possible to redesign the facility. 

After considering the following ideas from pool builders in McKinney, like Gold Medal Pools, you’ll be able to do the pool redesign you’ve always wanted.

Pool Lighting

Do you ever imagine your pool beautifully lit at night? With LED lights installation, you can create whatever atmosphere you wish. This renovation is economical because the process is simple and LED lights are energy-efficient.

Pool Shape

Changing the shape of a pool is a bit more difficult, but it’s executable. For example, you may have a rectangular pool and want it to resemble a mountain lake. Without reusing panels, professional builders can dig and back fill, creating a new shape in the process. Usually, this kind of remodel is cheaper than a new pool. However, you need to check with expert pool builders first for costs.

Pool Depth

As long as you have machine access room in your backyard, then most pool builders will do this redesign. The simplest pools for depth alteration have to be polymer and steel ones. If you want to make the pool shallower, it’s even simpler. Please make sure you refer to American National Standard for Residential.

You can do so much more with your pool in a remodeling project. Waterfalls, fountains, sun shelf, and decking are some of the most popular features nowadays. Talk to pool builders to see how far you can go.