Sit Up Straight and Avoid a Trip to the Doctor

Help Your Child Achieve a Good PostureAs the famous opening line of the Friends song goes, “So no one told you life was gonna be this way?” And yes, it could be talking about life in general, but parents are almost sure it is about them. Parents have endless responsibilities to make sure their children grow up smart, healthy, and happy.

It can be particularly severe during the kids’ early years when their behavior and interests start to form. As a parent, you should encourage their passions and discourage bad habits. One dilemma can be your child’s addiction to gadgets and technology. It could help them be more of a critical thinker, but anything without moderation is potentially harmful. Too much time on the internet can ruin their posture, among other things.

Here are three steps you can incorporate into your child’s everyday routine:

Dance Class

Signing up your child for a dance class can help shake off the stiffness that results from staring at a computer screen all day. Dancing will help them be more at ease with their bodies and develop flexibility and agility.

Active Sitting

A lot of kids tend to slouch when sitting down. Buy a computer chair for your child that stimulates active sitting, meaning their muscles are still working despite hours of being in a fixed position. You can also check with your child’s teacher if their school desks are designed for their height; using bigger desks promotes slouching.

Morning Stretches

Do stretches with your child every morning after waking them up. Start by touching your toes and lifting it up in the air, and explain how the activity will benefit them.

Teaching your children to have good posture is important to do early on. It can help with their confidence and how they present themselves to people, and it protects them from serious health issues that come with slouching all the time.