Simple and Romantic Proposal Inspirations

a man proposing to his girlfriendFinding the love of your life is the hard part, and now you have done that. You feel that it is time to take your relationship to another level and now comes the most critical move that you have to execute thus far in your relationship — the proposal.

Even if you have been with your partner for a significant amount of time and you are quite confident that she would say yes, it is normal to feel quite nervous and intimidated in the moments before popping the question. Here are three ideas to get you inspired.

1. Go classic.

Remember those ultra-romantic films that never fail to make you swoon? Take inspiration from that. Imagine a lavish dinner reservation at a classy restaurant, jazz playing in the background.

During the candle-lit dinner and after enjoying conversation and wine, you go down to your knee and present your love with one of the timeless vintage engagement rings from Hatton Garden. If she is the classic sophisticated type, then a ring like so is totally for her.

2. Go on a field trip.

If the love of your life is the outdoorsy type and is always game for adventures, big and small, go on a field trip to propose. Think about all the places that have significance in your relationship. The proposal would carry much significance when done this way.

3. Go for an early morning proposal.

Prepare breakfast in bed and ask her the question and the ring to back it up, along with her favourite breakfast meal. It would make her day.

Proposing to the love of your life is a crucial part of your relationship. While it is normal to feel anxious, do not let this stop you from enjoying the moment. Take inspiration from these three proposal ideas.