Sending Your (Promotional) Message in a Bottle

Colored Drinking BottlesA message in a bottle sounds like a very classic and romantic idea. For businesses, though, it’s less about romance and more about the marketing power. Here’s a cool way to showcase your branding message: printed drink bottles.

For all the visual ingenuity in technology, we take advertising back to one of its oldest forms: promotional products. Specifically, drink bottles. Useful, attractive, and portable, custom drinking bottles are an often overlooked promotional strategy. How can they not when there’s practically a limitless range of options: pens, caps, shirts, lanyards, key rings, shirts, umbrellas, wristbands – the list just goes on.

There’s also a good reason these items will serve your purpose, but today, you’ll learn about how drinking bottles work for you.

Drinks for Everyone = Immediate Exposure

Beyond all novelty, drinking bottles embed themselves into someone’s lifestyle. Correction: your customer’s lifestyle. This is because they meet two very important metrics:

  • usable anywhere
  • usable anytime

There’s nothing dramatic or theatrical about their effectiveness. People use drink bottles for their daily water fix, and it won’t hurt to have your logo and brand name across the front.

Forget business cards, some marketers advise, at least your customers aren’t likely to throw a perfectly functional drink bottle in the trash.

Adherence to the Rule of Reciprocity

Are people really all that easy? Not all people, but many of your customers are. Statistics says 55% of them keep their promotional products for about a year. When you receive a survey in the mail with a dollar bill attached to the envelope, do you fill it out or take the money and throw away the rest? Not very likely.

In an interview with The New York Times, Jerry McLaughlin, president of one of the largest American distributors of promotional products online, including drink water bottles, says if you give something, the recipient is honor-bound to give something in return. “We are hard wired to respond if we get something,” he adds.

Psychology and marketing practitioner Dr. Robert Cialdini agrees. He shares that anthropologists and sociologists have found over the years that no society in the world doesn’t teach children about this rule: the obligation to give something back. Now you know why marketers take advantage of this all the time.

Cost-Effective Investment

Metal Drinking BottlesResearch says promotional products are less expensive per impression than most other forms of media – drink bottles are some of the most inexpensive among them. The investment is modest, but more importantly, more targeted and achievable for small businesses than other forms of advertising.

Greater Artistic Freedom

Unlike pens and USB drives, drink bottles allow for wider ad spaces and thus, better visual freedom. You can add in more elaborate designs and details, like the current theme for your campaign, along with your brand name, logo and even your contact details.

If you’re brainstorming for marketing ideas, consider drink bottles as your promotional product. They don’t provide only an important insight into the customer behavior, but how to get it to work in your favor.

Adopt the concept and see how a (marketing) message in a bottle gives your promotional campaign its happy ever after.