Safety Videos: The Efficiency of Video Manuals in Safety Training

EmployeeThere are ways dangers can get to your employees while at work. These occupational hazards, however, should not prevent your employees from working to the best of their abilities.

For them to do so, a safety training should be in order. Facilitating a safety training may be easy and practical, but you had better not think that the safety handbook you give out to your employees would be thoroughly read.

Thanks to technology, more industries have turned to video manuals to make safety training more accessible and engaging as possible. This is true for the airline industry where the said videos have taken a very creative turn.

Here’s why video manuals are efficient aids for safety training:

Shows Example

Training people in times of danger or for safety purposes requires an action plan. Laying out instructions on paper and text is not only bland; it can be difficult to process. With visual aids or illustrations presented in video manuals, trainees are able to understand what needs to be done, especially when an example is shown.

Velpic highly suggests the use of videos in safety training, because of its efficient combination of visual and audio elements that make for better information comprehension.

More Personal

Video manuals can be done in different styles. However, making one that addresses its watchers with a more personal approach makes your people feel as if the person in the video is talking to them directly. This makes learning and the process of understanding the messages conveyed more natural. Hence, making the safety procedures and protocols easier to remember.

Not Boring

One of the many culprits of inefficient training sessions are its dull and boring approach. With video manuals, you will be able to get your employees more engaged. Therefore, giving a higher rate of information retention and comprehension.

You want to keep your people’s attention focused on the training. Do so with the help of video manuals and be creative as you can without compromising the knowledge that needs to be acquired for safety purposes.

Keep your employees safe by briefing them in a personal and entertaining way with video manuals.